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Thermoformed Food Packaging Is Found Almost Everyplace Food Products Are Purchased

A multitude of food products are sold in thermoformed food packaging today, and the number is growing. A trip through your local grocery store demonstrates the many attributes of thermoformed food packaging, and they relate directly to our changing lifestyles, including attractive presentation, safety and protection of the product, and preparation convenience, with the capability for foods in thermoformed containers to go from the freezer directly into the microwave, and then to the table. In some cases, extending the shelf life with packaging materials also becomes an important consideration.

In the bakery section, a variety of thermoformed containers are filled with cakes, doughnuts, muffins, cookies and crackers. The deli offers ready-to-eat entrees; salads, meat and cheese spreads, rotisserie chickens, pre-packaged lunch meats, take-out containers, and sandwich wedges. The canned food aisles offer a variety of single serve meals in barrier containers for soups, pasta, fruit and vegetables. Over in the meat section you’ll find both foam and rigid atmospheric packaging for the various cuts of beef, pork, chicken and ground meats. The dairy section has thermoformed clear rigid and foam egg cartons of all sizes as well as yogurt, and other containers that were thermoformed, including their lids.

The fresh food section displays berries, tomatoes, lettuce, and grapes in rigid, clear thermoformed containers so shoppers can see how fresh the contents are. A variety of shelf-stable, oven ready and microwaveable choices are in thermoformed packages also. By the time you reach the specialty and gourmet foods section you will see virtually every shape and size of thermoformed package design one can imagine.

If your store offers take-out beverages like coffee and cold drinks you’ll find a thermoformed plastic lid on your hot coffee, and in most cases, both the cup and the lid of your cold drink were thermoformed.

And on your way home, you’ll pass take out and fast food establishments that rely on a variety of thermoformed containers from cups and lids to plastic rigid or foam containers to keep foods warm and tasty until they are consumed. Aside from takeout food, when you buy the plastic plates, cups and bowls for a picnic or outdoor party, those are thermoformed as well.

This is a just a sample of the thermoformed food packaging products made on Brown Machine thermoforming machinery and equipment. Everyday, new materials and new applications are being developed in food packaging, and Brown is helping their customers find more economical, innovative and sustainable manufacturing methods to go along with them.

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